Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson
Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson
Otter eating a Lamprey in frozen River Eden


This Website explores the landscape and highlights the wildlife to be found in and around Cumbria.Based in the City of Carlisle Stephen Thompson showcases his ever increasing image library a collection of nature photography of the Eden valley now available to purchase in high quality prints.The Eden valley sweeps through cumbria from the high north pennines to the lower fertile flood plains of the solway firth.The river Eden flows for 67 miles on its north-westward position along the eastern fringe of the county of cumbria.Edens source is in the spongy peat moss where mallerstang common drains into black fell moss almost two thousand feet above sea level.The name Eden has ancient linguistic roots meaning "water".From the Edens source the water runs over a limestone bottom until it reaches a steep gorge named Stenkrith this is a geological boundary between limestone and sandstone.From here the river runs the rest of its length over the rich red sandstone that glowsin the winter sunlight like the flame of a burning fire.Having flowed down past all the small villages of the upper Eden the river reaches the great border city of Carlisle.The city was ravaged by Viking invaders and seized by Scottish Kings and also formed a strong position on the edge of the once formidable roman empire made strong by the emperor Hadrian in AD 122 when he ordered the construction of the wall from Tyne to Solway.Through all that has taken place along this beautiful wild landscape it has managed to retain a lot of its natural features and still accommodates the varied animals and fish that live in and around the huge area of the valley in which the 1974 boundary revisions estimated to be the largest land area of any city in the country.I hope you enjoy browsing through my image gallery and learning the history of the area in the history section as much as i have enjoyed getting out there discovering our fantastic countryside.


Stephen James Thompson 

Carlisle castle
The North British Railway bridge passing over the Eden in the lower reaches of the valley
Barnacle Geese of the Solway Firth