Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson
Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson

2014 in Images              A look back on the year in the Eden Valley

As we approach the end of 2014 i thought i would put together a collection of my most popular images from the year and show them here from order of when they were taken through the season.

Mild wet start to the year

The year started with flooded rivers and mild weather along the Eden as natural eden images was first launched in early January.The image of the Robin was from a set of shots i took at Caerlaverock on the Solway Firth.

January Robin

The days slowly lengthen

As the grey cold days lingered on the bright colours of the Daffodils and then the blues of the Bluebells in the woodlands of the Eden came into full bloom as the days slowly lengthened with the prospect of spring around the corner. 


Winter turns to spring

The sun slowly climbs higher week by week as spring days slowly warm the longer days in the Eden.

An early spring Blackcap

Early signs of Summer as the Swallows return

The sight of the first swallow hanging in the mild breeze above the river with its familiar song as it sweeps for flies is a magical sight as the summer days are upon us and long days are ahead.

First swallow

Summer days

Burgh Marsh Solway Firth
Solway Sunset at the end of the Eden

Successful Caldew Kingfishers

Kingfisher with fish

2014 saw a great year for the Kingfishers of the Caldew and the Eden as there was no real bad floods or adverse weather during there breeding season which saw many pairs have a second brood from there well used nest sites.

Summer slowly turns to Autumn

The river levels stayed low through September as the dry weather continued in the Eden Valley.The long warm days were starting to fade by mid September as the sun waned as it swung further west.There was a distinct lack of Salmon entering the Eden as it had been the case all year.

A Grey Heron looks into the low water in September
Grey Wagtail
Autumn Colours

Falling leaves and Red Squirrels

All along the Caldew the Red Squirrels were busy storing food for the coming winter as the brown leaves settled on the ground.

Red Squirrel

Autumn turns to winter

With the last of the Autumn leaves gone in the current of the flooded Eden a Buzzard stands on a favourite post in the lower Eden.

Common Buzzard

The Barnacle Geese return to the Solway

The distinctive call of geese fills the Solway as the first Barnacle Geese flock lands onto the marshland of the Solway after there 2000 mile trip back to there win tering grounds of the Solway Firth from Svalbard where they nested during our summer.

Almost full circle as a winter Robin sings on the lower Eden