Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson
Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson


Standing on the highest point in the old city of carlisle is the imposing Norman structure of the Cathedral.Placed on a natural steep knoll between the castle and the citadel the cathedral avoided the destruction faced by so many churches in the 1530s by the hands of Henry VIII when he ruthlessly dissolved the monestrys at this time.In its long history the building of the Cathedral has seen many changes from fires to whole sections being taken away for the rebuilding of the battered Castle.

A Gargoyle above the entrance of the Cathedral

The plans extend and modernise the building of the Cathedral in the 13th century were put on hold due to the devastations of the great fire that tore through the city.Money was tight but eventually work commenced on building and repairing fire damaged parts of the Cathedral.Had there been no fires or poverty at this time we may not have had the grand East window, as this was a modern approach at this time of the rebuild. 

the impressive East window on Carlisle Cathedral
Prior Slee's Gateway

Prior Slee's Gatehouse leads out of the Cathedral grounds into Paternoster Row, it was built in 1527, the large oak gates are the original gates from the time of its construction.