Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson
Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson


This section displays the most popular image taken during the current month starting with the most popular image from March 2014.

April image of the month 2015...

Willow Warbler

With the arrival of the Warblers near the end of April the above image along with a couple of others became the most popular from what turned out to be a slow month for photography with some spells of poor weather.

March image of the month 2015...

Male Kingfisher feeding the Female

During the last week of March i was viewing kingfishers on a regular basis and had gathered a few images of this stunning little bird with the above image being the most interesting and proved to be the most popular image that came out of the month of march.

February image of the month 2015...


During February i spent over a week watching the Dippers in the Caldew as they paired up and prepared there nest sight.With careful preparation and plenty of patience waiting for the right weather i managed to capture a few poses of this little river bird as they were busy in there territory.This image was the most popular from the selection of images i took.

January image of the month 2015...

Winter Robin

After a slow month for any Photography due to poor conditions i finally got the opportunity to capture some winter Robin images in the final days of the month with the above image being your favourite with many kind feedback messages being sent to me via Twitter and Email thankyou all again for your following :) 

November image of the month 2014...

Common Buzzard

This image is a personal favoroute of mine as it took me a good while to get close enough to a Buzzard to get a detailed image of one.This image and a couple of other images of the same bird were very popular in November and have featured in a book i have put together recently.Thanks for all my kind feedback and custom on this image :)

October image of the month 2014...

Red Squirrel

October saw an increase in Red Squirrel activity and the above image fast became the most popular with a few requests for this image to be printed on a canvas which is now possible by special request.

September image of the month 2014...

Caldew Kingfisher

This image of a Caldew Kingfisher with a stickleback in beak has proved to be the most popular this month ive framed a number of these over the last few days on request.

August image of the month 2014...

Swallow on a wire

August was a slow month for my Photography with some difficult light and not much activity along the river.This image has been chosen as the image of the month for its most comments via Twitter and on my Facebook page.

July image of the month 2014...

This image was the most sought after in July,taken early in the month on Burgh Marsh a memarable evening for me aswell,a lovely summer night!

Solway Sunset

June image of the month 2014

Chosen for its most commented on image this month is the view of the Solway firth at sunset near Anthorn looking out to Criffel.It sums up the warm dry month of June with pleasant evenings by the Solway.

Solway channels

May image of the month

with the most interest from this month and many compliments recieved via twitter the following image of a Kingfisher from the River Caldew is my image of the month...

Caldew Kingfisher

April image of the month...

Peacock Butterfly on pussy willow

Chosen by a few followers that emailed me complimenting this image that was taken early in the month of April, one of my favourite Butterflies. 

March Image....

Roe buck in late March chosen as image of the month for the most orders and comments made