Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson
Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson

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Welcome to the latest images page this page shows you the latest added images to the site. All images shown are added to the rellevant galleries or subject pages shortly after being uploaded here.

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New images coming soon from 2017...

Female kingfisher

While the male is busy searching for food the female stretches and yawns on its branch.

paired on a branch

Both birds stand on there favoured branch after the male has fed its female see the kingfisher section for more on the kingfisher.

Update 4th June 2015...

Springwatch on the Eden as the Great Tit nests 

With the breeding season in full swing along the Eden you dont have to look far for nesting birds as they are all around busy feeding young along the riverside.This Great Tit had taken advantage of an old gate post close to the river here you can see it busy feeding the young that sit in the rotten hollow stump awaiting food....

looking down at the young hidden in the post the adult great tit brings food to the waiting clutch of young.

The pair of adults were back and forward with food before the evening light faded away.

The Great Tit emerges from the nest with some kind of pupae in its beak which it removed from the clutch of young.

Flight action shots on way.....

Update 1st June 2015...

Kingfishers prepare for a second brood

With the first brood of the year huddled together in there nest chamber on the cusp of making there first flight into the wild world that awaits them the two adult birds start a courtship display and begin to start the cycle of breeding all over again as i watch the male feed his female before copulation takes place downstream from there nest.The following images are a taste of todays action to see more go to the kingfisher section where these images will be shown in more detail

Feeding the female

After displaying a typical courtship display of chasing each other the male takes off before returning to the waiting female with a fish that is eagerly taken by the female.

copulating kingfishers

Its not long until copulation takes place soon after the female swallowed her fish given by the male.

See Kingfisher section for more

Update 21st May 2015...

Keeping an eye on the Kingfishers 

As the breeding season gets into full swing on the rivers i have been checking there progress lately as i continue to update the Kingfisher section as i capture glimpses of there day to day lives in the build up to them producing young.This year im eager to capture that special moment when the young birds hit the river.The following images are a taster of what is being added to the Kingfisher section to see more just browse the Kingfisher pages.


After a night spent sitting on eggs this dishevelled female takes a morning break from its duties as the male takes over for a breif stint. 



Its not long before she catches her first trout parr of the day which is gulped fast before she resumes her position on the eggs.

New growth of leaves

The above image shows the fast growth of green leaves along the river as we approach June.

See more on kingfisher section

Update 17th May 2015...

More Dippers and Kingfishers along the river Caldew

This is a collection of latest images that i have gathered to add to the existing Kingfisher pages and some images that are going to be added to a new Dipper section that i am currently putting together which will be adding to the website during the coming week as i add writing and images describing the life of an Eden/Caldew Dipper family.

Male Kingfisher

The above image of a male Kingfisher was taken in the attempt to show the vivid blue of its back as the early light is cast upon it as it stands perched on a favourite low branch.

feeding dipper

This image of a Caldew Dipper is one of many that will be adding to the new Dipper pages adding this week.

Food for the chicks

This Kingfisher is dealing with a large stone loach taken from the stream close by.

Dipper portrait

This particular image of a posing Dipper is proving popular at the moment and it frames very well in a poster sized print.

A fast exit after a swipe at the surface of the river as the Kingfisher drinks from the water.

Update 16th May 2015...

Riverside bird activity as the youngsters hit the water

At this time of year the rivers are full of life with young offspring either on the way or as in the Dippers and Mallard Ducks there young are now learning the ropes as they are on the water this selection of images are gathered from through the week of early morning sessions.The Kingfisher images will add to the Kingfisher pages very soon.

Calling youngster

This young Dipper of the river Caldew in Carlisle gives out a loud call to one of its parents that stands in mid stream in the dropping water of the river.

Adult Dipper

The Adult looks on as the youngster learns to swim in the edge of the stream for food

As the Dippers have reared there first brood they now set about a second clutch of young this early breeder of the stream wastes no time in getting started for its next batch of young.

Grey Wagtail

Close to the Dippers a Grey Wagtail searches the flowing water for food.

Posing Wagtail

As the Dippers and the Wagtails work the stream in silence a Kingfisher is busy collecting food in order to feed its chicks that wait in the nest further downstream...

A large catch

A male Kingfisher prepares to take a large stone loach to the waiting chicks.

Diving from branch

Like a flash the Kingfisher swoops from its branch as it spots another loah below in the stream.

Heaving Dipper

Gathering material to re establish the nest after the first brood departed it this Dipper pulls on grass at the rivers edge.

pruning Kingfisher

Update 9th May 2015...

Marshland habitat

At the end of the Eden lies a plain of Marshland that provides ideal habitat for a whole host of varied wildlife from the Hare to the Reed Bunting and at this time of year the summer visiting birds make the Marsh a hive of new activity as they settle in to nest.The following images come from the Burgh marsh....


Stepping out on to a small track that winds out over the marsh this Hare dries off in the early light before retiring back into the thick cover where it spends the day hidden from view.

Longtailed Tit

The hedgegrows that border the marshland from the surounding farmers fields are now busy with longtailed tits that fly in groups from bush to bush there small wings flutter fast as they lift up from there perches.

Barnacle Goose

A lone Barnacle goose stands close to the edge of the marsh where the Eden flood water pours into the Solway many Geese gather on the Scottish side as they prepare to migrate back across to Svalbard to breed.

A Marsh Pipit stands on the Gorse in the middle of the Marsh
Female Wheatear

The Northern Wheatear arrived along the Marsh this week this female stands on an old log washed up by the tide.

Reed Bunting

The faint smell of Coconut wafts across the marsh from the newly flowering gorse the strange scent gets stronger as you approach it.

Male Wheatear

A Fly hovers above a wheatear risking being grabbed by the bird.

Wheatear on the Burgh Marsh

The Wheatear stand out as they stand on raised perches above the lengthening grass looking out for flies as they flit along the Marsh.

Update 7th May 2015...

The Sedge Warbler a visitor of Engine Lonning

The old trackways of the Waverley line that ran into Carlisle Canal sheds from its decent from Edinburgh come alive with the sound of Warblers as the long winter changes to Spring,although the wind today felt like a February snow tinged blast!The busy flights of Whitethroat and Willow Warblers are performed amidst the melodic and repetetive tune of the Sedge Warbler that hides amongst the new growth low down to the ground.The following images show the Sedge Warbler along the route of the old Canal close to the Eden at Carlisle....

Sedge Warbler

The loud call of the Sedge Warbler is a familiar sound of summer days along the Engine Lonning and surrounding stretch of the Eden as it makes its way to the Solway Firth.

Singing loudly

One of the many birds that sing along the Lonning all through the spring and summer before they make off to overwinter in Africa.This species can be very difficult to photograph as they have a habit of staying in thick cover especially during next month when all the bushes are fully grown.


Mallard with Chicks

The first brood of Mallard young below the North British railway bridge in the flooded Eden stay close to there mother in the early light.

Update 3rd May 2015...

The return of the Whitethroat, Sylvia communis

As April slips away behind a band of dark clouds and the showers send the river in a full spate there is a rush of activity alongside the recently arrived Willow Warblers and Sedge Warblers as they are joined by a fresh arrival of Whitethroats that hover above the bramble bushes green with new leaves.After there long migration from Africa they arrive in the lower Eden and the Solway Coast as they prepare to breed in there well used territories.After heavy rain and dark skies a glimpse of brightness lightens the scene,the following images show the Whitethroat a member of the Warbler family....

Grasshopper Warbler

Standing on thin whisps that grow from the low bramble bushes the newly arrived Whitethroat stands out in the bright early light close to the river.


The long travelled wings are given a good clean.

Singing from a thin branch

A lone Whitethroat sings its repetetive song along the river bank in the lower Eden.

Update 18th April 2015...

Kingfisher page updated now

For the latest images and writing on the Kingfishers go to the life of the kingfisher pages.

Update 16th April 2015...

A wander along the Waver as spring slowly returns to Cumbria

After a few days of cold cloudy conditions today has seen a vast improvement with bright sunshine and warmer mid day temperatures after the frosty start to the day.I was told by a friend about Kingfisher movements along the small river of the Waver close to Wigton so after a viewing of the area during the poor weather i decided to spend time along the stream in the better light of the early morning studying the Kingfishers the following images are a small selection from here which will be adding to the kingfisher pages.... 

Spring Lambs

The fields are now full with lively Lambs that stand looking into the spring light.

A Waver Kingfisher

Standing in strong sunshine the female Kingfisher listens for the call of the Male.

Male with fish

The male bird briefly arrives on the branch occupied by the female after she took off downstream.Calling loudly with the fish gripped in its beak the male listened for the return call before taking off to feed the female further downstream.