Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson
Natural Eden Images Nature Photography by Stephen James Thompson


Update 26th July 2015...

Looking ahead to Autumn

From what has been a very average summer with the camera i now look forward to a new season for more wildlife activity and the changing landscape as Autumn paints the leaves and thins out the thick cover along the wooded riversides so hopefuly more images will be adding soon as summer turns to Autumn.

Update 10th June 2015...

Plenty more images on the way

After what turned out to be a very poor May with the weather more like march at times! June is slowly picking up and i have a few subjects in mind for the rest of the month with my coverage of the Kingfishers near completion for this part of the year.The next set of images adding to the latest images page very soon will be from the Borders looking at wildlife and landscape from where our ancestors of the 16th Century the "Reivers" made there name.

Update 26th April 2015...

Spring images adding to latest images page

Last night ended in good light after a dull day so i decided to walk the marsh at the end of the Eden to photograph the Meadow Pipits.The results of these will add to latest images page soon.

ip Meadow Pipit on the Gorse

Update 25th April 2015...

Willow Warblers in good numbers

The sudden arrival of Willow Warblers across the county has shown good numbers compared with last year so far.I will add a full peice on this little bird shortly on the latest images page as things are busy at the moment with a lot of birds about to start nesting.


Update 4th April 2015...

Heavy rain and flooding making things difficult for the kingfishers

As the Kingfishers of the river Caldew prepare to sit on eggs flooding causes them to move from the river in order to feed which has distracted them from egg laying at the moment but it wont be long now until the eggs are dropped and also the river level more suitable for the catching of minnows.I recently got a few images of the birds diving for fish which have been added to the kingfisher pages.More waterlife images will be adding to the latest images page very soon.

Little Grebe
keeping an eye on kingfisher activity

Update 30th March 2015...


Im currently putting together new pages on the kingfisher a good part of which is now already added.Since capturing a pair of Caldew birds bonding and seeing the male feed its partner i decided to compile my recently taken images and lay them out into a book like format to explain the behaviors in detail to how i witnessed there behavior in my fascinating sitting last friday morning.Thanks for all the kind feedback that i have received via Twitter and the numerous emails sent to me they are much appreciated and i hope you all continue to enjoy my images and writing of explanation.

The amazing moment when the male feeds the female

I hope you enjoy the write up on the Kingfishers and any photographer find useful the information given about the photography methods used for the images taken.

Update 26th March 2015...

Cold days linger on! line up of whats to come during April....

With March coming to an end and the days getting longer more photography is to come from the Eden Valley with a long list of subjects to focus on in April.Recently ive had requests for Roe Deer images from the Eden catchment area which i will be persuing very shortly as the Kingfishers become busy in there nests which i will leave them to do there important business.Along with Deer images i will be looking to capture some woodpecker images and the Hare boxing scenes.There has been a lack of hares recently at a place i regularly view them but as the weather improves they should become more active.Another species to study in April for me is the Kestrel a bird i havnt focused on in recent years so i must try and locate some pairs to try and capture.Do feel free to request any type of Nature images.Im currently taking commissions in the Carlisle area for pet photography i produce high quality prints of your pet or just purchase the disc and print as you like the style of photography is outdoor of either action shots or portraits.Just drop me an Email and il give more details ( Carlisle area only) 

Female Kingfisher

Update 19th March 2015...

Kingfisher images

The last couple of weeks have been spent watching Kingfishers as there movements have changed and they are now paired up and ready for sitting on Eggs very soon now.Bad spells of weather have hampered any real chances of good photography but this week has given me the chance to capture a handful of shots as i have targeted a pair on the Caldew along a territory well used.See the latest images page to view my recent work on the study of the Kingfisher.

Update 8th March 2015...

March in like a Lion.....

This month has started with a real mix of weather from strong cold winds and overcast days with wintery showers.Photography has been sporadic with poor light and a lack of activity along the river.The Kingfisher's are my main focus this month as they have paired up i have prepared a couple of hides and now its just a case of waiting for good light and the birds becoming active close to the nest sites.

Update 17th February 2015...

Dipper images

Following a recent request for a Dipper image i decided to cover this subject on the river Caldew close to home and i plan on pursuing this for the rest of this week as i attempt a flight shot of this small bird.A image of a Dipper in flight is a real challenge as they take off like bullets so i have my work cut out for me on that one!! but i will persist in trying and just hope for good light to aid me with using fast shutter speeds.

see latest images for todays Dipper pics

Update 6th February 2015...

More images from the solway firth have now been added to the latest images page following a few requests for more coastal landscape images from the Burgh marsh area.This last week has seen some good early mornings with the light being great for photography in that first hour spell.Over the next couple of weeks im back on the river in search of them elusive Otters so some long days ahead of sitting around waiting and waiting for the chance of getting a decent shot of one! but hopefuly while im waiting il have the chance of a Kingfisher image?? 

see the Latest images page for my most recent work

Waiting to photograph Goldeneye Ducks on the Solway

Update 1st February 2015...

Snow scenes and Winter Robin images.

The last few days have seen snow flurries across cumbria which have given me the chance of getting the odd winter robin image which have proved popular well who doesnt love a robin in the snow?? see the latest images page for snow scenes and robins and keep checking out the latest images page for my latest work on Otter images and Roe Deer which i am currently working on right now close to the Solway Firth.

See the Latest images page for new images of Winter scenes

Update 7th January 2015...

A slow start to the year with dark days and high river levels

As can be expected at this time of the year photography is fairly slow going with poor weather and images of wildlife few and far between.Ive been concentrating on the Kingfishers and Otters habits lately but my progress has been hampered by fluctuating water levels i will keep praying for more settled weather and hopefuly soon i will have more images adding to the latest images page!